Koffer der Zukunft oder doch Abenteuer an der Flughafenkontrolle? Bluesmart Review [Deutsch-German]

Bluesmart Hand Luggage, 56 cm, 34 Liters, Black

About the product Charge – Battery With 2 USB CHARGING PORTS can charge your devices up to Six Times Over Track – 3 G + GPS Tracking Lets You locate your suitcase anywhere The World. Built-in – Weigh Scale in the suitcase ’s Handle allows you to Weigh it Through the App. Lock-Remote Digital Lock means you can Lock/Unlock the suitcase using your phone. Compact – designed to meet International carry-on requirements, ideal for 2 – 3 day Trips. Durable-Water-Resistant Polycarbonate außen designed to withstand extensive Travel.
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